Art Covert, Ph. D.
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About Me

I hold a Dual Ph. D. in Computer Science and Ecology Evolutionary Biology and Genetics, which I recently completed in the Digital EVOlution LABoratory under the guidance of Dr. Charles Ofria at Michigan State University. For the past 5 years I have studied evolution and genetics in Avida, an open source platform for digital evolution. My work in Avida has focused on Fitness Landscapes and Epistasis, with particular emphasis on the role of deleterious mutations. I also made substantial additions to the Avida source code, which have been accepted into the latest stable version.

I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Texas at Austin in the laboratory of Claus Wilke, where I am developing in silico evolving systems to model the evolution of protien's and protein-protein interactions. I also run the Computational Evolution stream of the Freshman Research Initiative. I supervise undergraduate research in the FRI program, providing students with the opportunity to gain first hand experience doing research on evolution in the computer.

In addition to my Ph. D. work, I am an avid photographer, a few samples of my photography may be found here. I enjoy hiking and cycling outdoors, and read a great deal.


I am blogging now! Find my biweekly posts on science, eductation and other tidbits at: